Gallop Guru Gift Vouchers

A brilliant horse-lovers gift.

If you're buying a present for someone you know likes horses, but you're not sure what to get, then play safe with a gift voucher but still thrill them with the prospect of choosing any one of hundreds of our lovely gifts.

All you need to do is select the Gift Vouchers option in the Gifts category or click HERE and just select the voucher value from the drop-down box and purchase the voucher as if it were any other product. 

You will need to complete the details of who you are buying the voucher for as it will be sent as an email to the recipient with the UNIQUE CODE for them to redeem the voucher on the website (you will also receive a copy of the emailed voucher for your reference).

We will send the voucher to the recipient by email automatically so you know you can email your friend straight away with your special message as they will have already received the voucher.

You will not be sent physical gift vouchers in the post. The gift voucher you purchase is sent in an email to your chosen recipient (and a copy of the email sent also to you).

If you want the voucher to arrive on a particular date then please purchase the voucher on that date as it will be sent immediately once you have completed the purchase.


If you prefer to purchase a voucher in advance and then send it to your friend at a later date, just complete the form with Your Name and the name of your friend as The Recipient but where it asks for 'Email address of the recipient' use YOUR OWN email address so the voucher will be sent to you which you can then later forward by email to your friend.

When anyone redeems a voucher we will always send their chosen gift fully gift-wrapped free of charge to make your gift extra special.

Vouchers are valid for a year.

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